Lucky Dog

This is a little blog I’ve created to help me share memories of my now-ten month old puppy, Ziggy.   My beloved Piper died a few years ago  and he lived before the days of rampant digitalia/blogs, and I was always a bit sad that all that was left of him was paper pictures which fade with age–no videos, no charming anecdotes written down for all posterity.  While this little exercise may interest no one but me, I’m going to write it any way.  Because little dogs deserve their stories told, too.

4 thoughts on “Lucky Dog

  1. Waving Ziiggy & Jamie- did not know you had dropped out of school- but insomia is not good & life needs to be enjoyed- Good luck Siggy in training mom- but give her break every now & then – you don’t know what you would do without her- Have a good tomorrow both of you ;o)

    • Hi Bertie: Nice of you to drop in. ZIggy gives me a run for my money but he’s sweet and kind and loveable… which makes all my ruined pillows forgivable Have a good day, too. Jamie

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